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With over 30,000 books on Atomic Avenue, I need to use the Custom fields to help me locate books I have sold.

However, over the last year the information I have added to the fields keeps disappearing.

For instance I have boxes on the east wall simply marked "East" , my original foray into online selling group marked "eBay",

and books bought brand new form my closed comic-book store marked "New". So when these entries disappear I have no clue where

they are stocked. Thus I need to check in  all areas to find 1 book, rather than just going to the spot it is at. Last year this was not a

problem since my sales where so so, now however my business is up 700% and instead of 2-3 sales a week I now have 2-3 sales a day,

with some orders being 75 or more books, speed in finding them is of the essence.

So, can you stabilize this field so I can trust it again. I have been selling here for 18 years and have loved AA.

Thanks Richard (parmon)

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If there is information that you want included on the Atomic Avenue order, put this information in the Grading Notes field. ComicBase does not include custom notes in the inventory information posted to Atomic Avenue.

Alternately, you can cross reference the items the buyer has purchased with the custom notes your for the item in ComicBase, though this may be tedious with large orders.

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This information is for me only, if I want customers to know something like a newsstand edition I put it under notes as you said.

But there are 4 different fields that are displayed when you click the "custom" icon when looking at the issue filed, i.e. where you would add a books, choose quality and such. I input location information for my personal use. As you can see on this screen shot, the Near Mint quality has nothing in the custom field, as do the others. In second screenshot custom field is blank, so is it tales of the marvels: blockbuster, did i put it under "blockbuster", is it in "guide" section, "new" section, "eBay" section. I f I had put it in the Guide section under B I would do this "Guide B" and I would know right where to go. I know it sounds minor but with 30,00 book on atomic avenue, to me it is very time consuming.

Custom field problem.PNG

Custom field problem2.PNG

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This is more a of ComicBase problem so it be best to post here in the future so you get support from the CB team/community: https://forums.comicbase.com/index.php?/forum/9-tech-support/

Sounds like your custom field data for knowing where things are on your end disappeared... Did this happen recently for you? Or is this a bug you can reproduce with a few detailed steps?

Do you have an old backup dbs you can open into the software where that data is still intact?


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